Agility in Marketing – How Advertising Agencies and Companies can react to Complexity

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Today’s advertising market, especially in the digital sector, demands a lot. The reasons for this are manifold. First and foremost, there is the increase in complexity in the eCommerce advertising market. Likewise, the dynamic advertising environment is a challenge that companies and agencies have to face.

The question is how we can adapt dynamically and reactively to rapidly changing market conditions.

Until a few years ago, successful adaptation to changing market conditions required workers who provided the necessary capacity by almost exclusively reproducing working steps. The company structures were adapted to slower market conditions.
Under these conditions, the management makes the important decisions itself and, in case of changing requirements, also takes over the change management and adapts itself.

Today, the “center” of a company, especially in the eCommerce market, is no longer able to react dynamically to all market events. The pressure of competition and thus the flow of information on new developments is too high. 
However, the above mentioned rigid structures still exist today in most business organizations.

Less hierarchical structures, more responsibility to the periphery of a company.

What is needed are less hierarchical structures that not only have a “brain inside” but also one on the periphery of the company. The management must be supported by the decisions of competent, thinking employees.

The more complex the advertising market becomes, the more niches the advertising market creates in itself. These niches require special attention. With this special attention, agencies and companies that establish marketing on advertising channels as a core competence can make the right decisions when it comes to innovations or changes.

Agencies that include a wide range of advertising channels in their service portfolio must therefore have employees who are deeply involved with the different platforms in order to avoid being surprised by the changing market conditions themselves. The various advertising systems must be established as core competencies.

A structure thus becomes dynamic and agile, enabling long-term and profitable growth. Without the risk of collapsing due to a lack of adaptability and losing market share due to surprises from the competition.

The still widespread generalization of digital marketing in companies and advertising agencies is leading to a collapse in the scaling of advertising budgets due to incorrect assessment and perspective on the market.

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