Procedure for the analysis of target group needs as inspiration for the realization of advertising ideas

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In this part we will deal with these two questions:

Who are our customers actually? 

How do we best address them?

The answer to these questions can be summarized in one word:

Copy Mining

We look at what the buyer’s feedback of our competitors and our own customers is and gain valuable insights from our target group. Optimizations can be done very easily, and you can already set an anchor for the copy. This allows us to address customers based on their own criticisms. 

Example of a customer feedback:

Maria: “The black T-shirt has a note that scratches a little, otherwise everything is top notch!”

Copy: Maria: “The black T-shirt has a label that scratches a little, otherwise everything is top notch!”

Thanks a lot for your feedback Maria. This is how customers become product developers. As a thank you for your constructive feedback we have sent you a small present. From us you will only get T-shirts with a label of soft cloth.

Because customers buy out of emotions and then justify with logic.

We go through the advertisements of competitors, which you can see either in the Facebook Ads Library or on websites, etc. It can also be helpful to go through a buying process as a customer and see how competitors shape the entire customer journey, including upsells after sales support, etc. 

In magazines in the niche of the eCommerce Store we look for inspiration, because most big magazines have very limited advertising space and so advertisers test what works before they buy the advertising spaces.

Take the customer’s point of view with every research and ask yourself:

What grabs my attention and how would I react as a customer?

After a comprehensive research of the product, what information would I have needed in order to gain more trust?

In order to see what customers think about certain products and what they say about you, we install the “Discussions button for Google Search” extension and can thus filter out forum discussions that prove to be very helpful in the search for emotional triggers among customers. These customer opinions can then be converted into a convincing copy and made the core element of advertisements. Best in the form of testimonials, because unbiased statements convert better.

Surveys in the form of questions that are interesting for advertising are also very important. They can be integrated into an eCommerce website using survey tools like Hotjar.

This includes questions on topics like: 

Biggest problem, what the product has solved and how this problem felt, or which ways were tried or considered before.

Age, purchased product, which products were also interesting for you and which products you would buy if they were offered by us. 

What was missing in the user experience and what would improve it (emails, usability, payment methods, support, confirmations, etc.)

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