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What Sets Us Apart

As an eCommerce Growth Agency consisting of Strategists, Media Buyers, Copywriters and Content Producers we dedicate ourselves to the task of scaling online shops profitably and rapidly.

Our recipe for eCommerce Growth is combining Creatives and Data perfectly and let them work hand in hand. We are certified as experts multiple times by Facebook.

The Problems in the eCommerce Market

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The Market has a Measurement Problem

Unknown variables and their effects in the customer journey lead to uncertain and therefore unused potential. Thus, most advertising approaches today are viewed from a one-sided, superficial perspective. They can only be optimized independently of one another.

The advertising market needs a fundamental redesign which examines cause and effect holistically. Only in this way can realistic and productive advertising objectives be set and realised.

We solve this problem by using complex measurement methods and attribution models to consider the entire lifetime of the customer. Our structured full-funnel approach manages to manage growth as a sustainable element of the eCommerce Brands.

This holistic approach makes it possible to us to sustainably increase the lifetime value of a customer. We reach the break-even point faster, which allows us to scale faster and with more creative freedom.

The Market has a Complexity Problem

Meeting the ever increasing complexity requirements in the eCommerce market is impossible for most companies and advertising agencies today. In this volatile environment, it is difficult for market participants to classify the problem correctly.

We are here to solve this problem for companies. We achieve this with dynamic internal workflows and a diversified view of the marketing components.

We always adapt our internal structures, as well as the campaigns of our partner companies, to the complexity of the market. This know-how is essential to avoid unexpected obstacles.
Complexity in the eCommerce Market
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The Market has a Problem of Perspective

Many of the solutions currently available on the market lead to the same dilemma: there are many "experts" whose experience covers only part of the marketing. However, they are used to solve all growth problems.

Media buyers think that the world is based on metrics like ROAS, creative strategists think that branding is always the answer and copywriters think a good text makes the music.

To get the big picture, which is closest to the truth, we rely on a combination of all these perspectives. This is the only way to achieve rapid and sustainable scaling.

In our daily agency work the opinions of Media Buyers, Strategists, Copywriters and Content Producers who work hand in hand is considered. In this way we avoid misjudgements and merge important technical and creative expertise. Design & Brand Identity Building, Storytelling, Media Buying- & Creation, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email- and Messenger Marketing: All this comes together in our agency and, when applied correctly, creates maximum success for scaling eCommerce Brands.

Our Solutions


Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign Management

By developing unique, proven Media Buying Strategies, we scale eCommerce shops profitably. Our Media Buyers meet the highest standards. The success of campaigns is identified by the Return on Adspend (ROAS) and our actions and decisions are based on it.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

What happens after a customer visits an eCommerce Store for the first time?

This question is essential, as the biggest challenge is to turn a cold target group into paying customers.
Our in-house eCommerce Strategists help us to optimize websites so that we can create a smooth shopping experience for each of your customers.

Creative Strategy & Production

With the data we gather during the campaigns, the true potential of the videos, images and texts becomes visible. But the data alone does not bring much.

The creative and the corresponding strategy are the most important elements of our campaigns. Videoads have proven to be gamechangers in our campaigns.

Only with creative and unusual approaches can remarkable success be achieved. They are the potential that can be realized through professional Campaign Management.

Email & Messenger Marketing

After a customer has made the purchase decision, the biggest task is done. We can build a deeper relationship with them and provide a personalized experience. This is the only way for customers to become familiar with your brand and become VIP's that add value many times over.

This can be done with further Post-Purchase Campaigns and Optimizations - or with Email and Messenger Marketing.

Did you know that Email and Messenger Marketing can account for up to 40% of an eCommerce company's total revenue?
However, the emails and messages are not very effective without a combination of further strategies and analysis.

Learn more about this by contacting us here.

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